You can enjoy plenty of assets in the environment of the fishermans house. The OLD MARKETPLACE of Nieuwpoort-city with its church, belfry, the church garden and the bars and restaurants are definitely worthwhile. Each Friday morning, there is a cosy MARKET. Early birds can watch the goings of the FISH MARKET. For the sleepers, you might as well enjoy window-shopping in the fresh FISH STORES along the QUAY. On this QUAY, you can find numerous FISH RESTAURANTS as well. SURFERS can indulge themselves on the Bloso WATER RESERVOIR, which is quite near. You can also go on SAILING or MOTOR-BOAT TRIPS on the river YSER to Diksmuide and the open sea. For sailing aficionados, the yacht club is close by. In short, there are enough possibilities for a fun filled holiday.
Culture and nature can start at the Albert I monument, which is near the fish market. Upon ascending the stairs of the monument, on foot or elevator, you can see the vista of the whole coastline and polders and enjoy the astonishing view on the large lock complex.
This lock complex, in which several rivers and canals flow, is also the starting point of many CYCLING TRIPS in the POLDER area.
Among others, you can take the bicycle to historical VEURNE. And there, it’s another story…

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